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Fee Agreement & Payment

Legal fees can be costly. We understand this and will provide you with highly skilled representation for a reasonable cost. Our hourly fees are competitive with other local attorneys. However, we structure firm policies to ensure convenience and cost savings for my clients.

  1. To reduce your costs for paper copies, we maintain a fully-electronic file of your case if at all possible.
  2. We do not charge for most faxes or paper copies.
  3. To reduce postage fees and ensure quick and convenient communication, we offer, if desired, the option to receive correspondence via email and a cloud-based file sharing service.
  4. You have access to your case information through a secure web portal, at your convenience.
  5. We offer videoconferencing as an alternate means of personal communication for your convenience.
  6. We provide monthly legal bills to you online and/or via email, if desired. You may also pay bills online through a secure portal.

These are simple but effective cost saving measures that also provide a higher level of convenience for you. Because each client has different needs and means, we offer a variety of fee arrangements including:

  • Flat fee: the entire case is handled for a fixed amount. Flat fees provide cost certainty for clients in appropriate cases.
  • Hourly rate: the client is billed an hourly rate for services.
  • Limited scope representation: the client and attorney agree that the lawyer will handle only specific aspects of a case. Sometimes referred to as unbundled services.
  • Hybrid of hourly/flat fee: the client and attorney agree that certain services (hearings, document drafting, etc.) will be done for a flat fee, but other services (consultation, research, etc.) are billed hourly.

Available payment options include cash, check, and secure credit card payment directly through the firm website.

“Attorney Kowalski was very compassionate, professional and very reasonable in his fees.” C.D.